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Dallas, Texas is more than just billionaires, big haired blondes and buckets of oil! There are some truly amazing things to do and see in Dallas that make the city even more interesting than was previously determined by those who only care about football, Dallas Cowboys Nation, we’re talking to you! Just joking, we like y’all!

If you really want to get a good feel for what Dallas has to offer, let's take a look at some of the off color, touristy and fun things the city has for you to partake in.

If you’re interested in something really spooky and scary and might just force your little sweetheart to scootch a bit closer, why not try the Grape Vine Nightwatchman tour, this is somewhat of a ghost tour of a haunted wine tasting room and the story of some really bad dudes who robbed a bank in 1932.

Or you could could take part in the Glow Wars, at the Texas Motor Speedway, contestants have the chance to realize their dream of being half artisan / half soldier and to participate in an all out war while traipsing around in glow foam and shooting glow soakers at one another and throwing glow balls like grenades, epic right?

Maybe you’d like to take in a performance of Dracula, the Melodrama, at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre in order to appeal to your flair for the dramatic.

No matter what you choose to do in Dallas, we know you’ll have a great time doing it, and if you happen to be really itching to try something even more amazing and awesome and requiring a great deal of courage, conviction and you have the uncanny ability to exercise mind control over your bladder, why not come skydive with us here? It may seem terrifying at first, but we guarantee that once you touchdown at our DZ safe and sound, you’ll be raring to do it all over again! Give us a call to skydive Dallas today!

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